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  1. Clarence meets Alcuin
    • Description: This essay outlines the definition of expert systems, describes how this definition has been applied to reference librarianship, and suggests future directions of study.
    • Date: 1996-03-03
    • Source: This text was originally published as Morgan, Eric Lease (1997). Clarence meets Alcuin; or, expert systems are still an option in reference work. In P. Ensor (Ed.), The Cybrarian's manual (pp. 127-134). Chicago: American Library Association.
    • Subject(s): expert systems; fiction; librarianship; articles;
    • URL:
  2. MyLibrary in your library
  3. Imagine, if only we had...
    • Description: Recently, during one of those national conferences, I got together with a number of my old library friends over dinner. I admit it. We talked shop. Conversation turned to speculation on what we could do if only we had this, that, or the other thing.
    • Date: 1998-11-27
    • Source: This is a pre-edited version of Eric Lease Morgan "Dreaming about what we wish we could have" Computers in Libraries 18(10):40-41 November/December 1998.
    • Subject(s): fiction; emerging technologies;
    • URL:
  4. The Heart Of Darkness
  5. Tarzan Of The Apes
  6. The Son Of Tarzan
  7. Berenice
  8. The Case Book Of Sherlock Holmes
  9. A New Crime
  10. The Balloon-Hoax
  11. Political Economy
  12. The Monster Men
  13. A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court
  14. The Warlord Of Mars
  15. The Secret Sharer
  16. The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes
  17. A Princess Of Mars
  18. The Hound Of The Baskervilles
  19. His Last Bow
  20. Dracula's Guest
  21. Extracts From Adam's Diary
  22. Niagara
  23. The Beasts Of Tarzan
  24. Cast Upon The Breakers
  25. My Watch: An Instructive Little Tale
  26. The Cash Boy
  27. A Ghost Story
  28. The Great Revolution In Pitcairn
  29. The Angel Of The Odd--An Extravaganza
  30. Dracula
  31. At The Earth's Core
  32. The Black Cat
  33. The Return Of Tarzan
  34. Tarzan And The Jewels Of Opar
  35. The Jungle Tales Of Tarzan
  36. The Cask Of Amontillado
  37. The Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes
  38. The New Atlantis
  39. Lord Jim
  40. The Gods Of Mars
  41. The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn
  42. Day in the life of Mr. D.

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