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  1. All things open
    • Description: Things open abound. Open source software. Open access publishing. The open archives initiative. OpenURL. Some of these things are fundamental to the inner workings of the Internet. Others are a natural consequence of it. Some groups of people believe in things open with an almost religious fervor. At the other end of the spectrum are some people who see the same things as a drain on intellectual property. The key to progress lies in a middle ground. This presentation describes all things open in greater detail, elaborates on how they affect librarianship, and finally demonstrates some of their applicability in librarianship.
    • Date: 2006-03-28
    • Source: This file was never officially published, but the beginning is heavily based on another essay called Open Source Software in Thirty Minutes.
    • Subject(s): OpenURL; OAI (Open Archives Initiative); presentations; open access publishing; open source software; librarianship;
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  2. What is the Open Archives Initiative?
    • Description: In a sentence, the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) is a protocol built on top of HTTP designed to distribute, gather, and federate meta data. The protocol is expressed in XML. This article describes the problems the OAI is trying to address and outlines how the OAI system is intended to work. By the end of the article you will be more educated about the OAI and hopefully become inspired to implement your own OAI repository or even become a service provider.
    • Date: 2002-02-25
    • Source: This is a pre-edited version of an article appearing in interChange 8:2 (June 2002) pg 18-22.
    • Subject(s): articles; OAI (Open Archives Initiative);
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  3. OAI4: To CERN and Back Again

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